Nashville Mastermind for Real Estate Investors

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  • 09/30/19 05:30PM - 06:45PM America/Chicago
  • Portland Brew East - upstairs, 1921 Eastland Ave Nashville, Tennessee 37206
  • Free

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I just listened to BP episode 326 "Health, (Big) Wealth, ad Total Accountability..." and I'm highly motivated to join or start a mastermind group with other driven individuals in the Nashville area.

The idea is to regularly meet with a diverse group of committed and driven individuals in a format that allows each member to discuss what he or she is trying to accomplish and what is holding us back. Members will receive feedback from the group that will help overcome obstacles, stay accountable, and stay motivated.

We will help each other via

  • Networking and authentic relationships
  • Problem solving
  • Accountability
  • Differing perspectives
  • Support

We will focus on these areas

  • Real Estate investing
  • Other business ventures including career
  • Health, fitness, and nutrition
  • Giving back - time, money, knowledge, skills, other

How we will do this

In person monthly meetups - we may even try to go meet every other week at first to build familiarity with each other and accelerate getting the group off the ground. My ideal group size is 8 individuals. We are looking to create an intimate setting where we will be comfortable opening up about our personal and financial lives.

Want to know more about mastermind groups? Listen to episode 326 of the BiggerPockets podcast and read some of these google search results

I had just been telling my girlfriend I needed to belong to a mastermind. I'm sure it was the podcast inspiration too. :) Thanks for creating.

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I’ve been looking for the same thing to but haven’t had a whole lot of luck.

I’m new to real estate investing so being apart of a group like this would help tremendously. I look forward to attending.

Hi, I'm new to the Nashville area, and a new investor. Highly motivated to learn, work, take action. Getting my ducks in a row at the moment and trying to learn about the area, trying to network and connect with others. Looking forward to attending and meeting all of you. 

Looking forward to meeting you guys there! I'm working as an investment analyst for a property management company and am working on building up enough cash to get into my first deal.

@Mark Douglas

9/30. The event details, location ect are available when you click the link for the event but maybe not in the mobile platform. I have accessed them in my computer but can’t right now in my phone.

Hi all I'm excited for next Mondays Mastermind meeting! I want to spend most of the time getting to know each other via introductions - 5 minutes or less each. Then we can talk about plans for future meetings.  Sorry, some of the text formatting was lost when I pasted into the chat function. 


  • Name
  • A little background info - where you grew up, went to college, Interests/hobbies/sport/activities, family
  • Where you are today
    • 9-5 job
    • Real Estate
      • Investment style/strategy
      • # of deals/properties
    • Other business Ventures
    • Other strengths or areas of knowledge
  • Where you want to be
    • 9-5 job:
    • Real Estate
    • Other business ventures
    • Fitness - if that interests you
    • What are your other goals?
  • What you want to get out of the Mastermind

I am trying to find my way to start investing in real estate and would really benefit from a meeting like this if it is to be had again. I know COVID has probably prevented it the past several months but I would love to attend a future meeting when/if it happens.