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Hey guys, I'm looking to start up a Real Estate group in the Livingston and Genesee county area of Michigan, it seems like most groups are in Oakland or Wayne County, which, if you're like me, is too far of a winter drive on a weeknight.   Im trying to determine if there are enough investors or real estate pros in the Fenton, Linden, Brighton, Howell, Hartland, Grand Blanc area to meetup every month or two.   I started a meetup group, if anyone is interested:

@Jeff Robert , as I mentioned last night in our PMs, I am all in on this as well.  Unfortunately I travel quite a bit for my regular 9-5 job, so it will be hit or miss as to whether I am in town or not.  Mondays and Fridays are best for me, but I would imagine not too many would be interested in a Friday night event.  Let me know what you have in mind and if scheduled out far enough in advance, I might be able to schedule around it.

Thanks guys, I kinda figured we'd leave the day/time TBD until we get enough members to figure out what works best.   I originally thought getting 10-12 people would be great.  The fact that there's already 4 of us in 3 hours is encouraging.      Spread the word around and hopefully we can shoot for a meetup in late Feb or early March.

Hello Jeff, I'm new to BP and been following some conversations but this is my 1st post. I have been attending on and off both A2-REI and MREI. They both occasionally have good topics and both meet third week of month so keep that in mind when scheduling.

I would be interested in attending

Friday nights would work well for me also. I work midnights Sunday through Thursday. Where at in Livingston county were you guys thinking? I'm in south west Livingston but Brighton or Howell would work well.

Sorry to bring up a really old thread!

I'm hoping to join the next meet up.

I signed up on the Meetup page and saw that the last meet wasn't too long ago in Oct 2017 but was wondering if there are more planned?


I live and work in Livingston county area (Brighton/Howell) including cities within Genessee, Oakland, Washtenaw counties. Work with investors shopping for income property and flips in these areas. So putting together an investor group more locally would be well received. I would love to be involved and help in any way possible. Grand Rapids is too far of a haul and I avoid driving at night. Send me a PM and let's talk about how we can put this together. :-)