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Yard & garden work on my first RE investment - advice?

Posted Apr 5 2023, 15:55


My first RE investment property is a 3-1 SF in a B- to C-grade Cleveland area. I am trying to rehab the house and then planning to rent it out.

I would be grateful for any advice with respect to yard work! Asked the BP community for advise on the bathroom before and it was super helpful, so hoping I could get some good input for the garden as well!

Sharing images (extracted from my RE's video tour) of the yard, garden and porch attached. As a newbie, it's very tough for me to get a feeling for what amount of work I should invest in for the yard and where to draw the line. Also, would you recommend to hire this work out to professionals or to a handyman? We are talking about a ~100k property that I am hoping to rent out for ~1200$. 

I appreciate any thoughts and advise! Thank you BP community!

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