Asbestos and lead pain In potential investment

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About to make offer. aRV 340k. Estimated costs 270 incl transaction and carrying for 120 days. Need guidance 

How do I estimate asbestos and mold removal for 1000 sq foot basement

Originally posted by @Michael Kresloff :

How do I estimate asbestos and mold removal for 1000 sq foot basement

 Michael - you need to call a few mold remediation companies in your area. Costs vary from region to region.

Without more information, nobody can answer that question for you.  Bring on some contractors to give you bids.

Bring in a lead and asbestos remediation company. Have them do the necessary testing. Lead testing takes a few minutes, asbestos will require samples be sent to a lab.

Afterwards have them bid removal.

hi micheal. i do not know about the area where you are, but here in western new york, the owner can remove the asbestos themselves and throw it away in the garbage. if, however you choose to have it done professionally, it will cost you thousands of dollars. with asbestos, you have to wet it down quite a bit to keep it from becoming airborne. check out some youtube videos to see how it is done

@Michael Kresloff is the asbestos in the basement the asbestos tiles on the floor (very common here in CT) or is it in the walls/ceilings? Or perhaps around the pipes? Makes a big difference. I found a trick: we often have wet/damp basements here in this area and use a few different basement waterproofing companies. It turns out that they are all licensed to remove asbestos, and their price to do so is much less than the big "Asbestos Remediation" companies. Might be worth checking into your local basement waterproofing companies. I think on the last property we did that had the asbestos tiles on the floor, they wanted roughly $5-6 / sq ft...

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