Buying Tax liens on Mobile Homes...Good, Bad or Ugly?

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I have been thinking about buying Tax Liens on Mobile Homes / land. It seems that counties have different rules/laws and I feel somewhat confused.  Right now I am looking in Iowa.

If you have invested in/purchased Tax Liens on Mobile Homes I would appreciate you sharing your experiences and any advice along with pitfalls and opportunities.  Thanks in advance for your insights!

They are often sold separately from the land.   You can can buy the land or the home...not always at the same sale.  You just have to check and see.  If you buy the home, then you may need to figure out what to do with it, if it is not on a rented may have to move it.   If you buy the land, then you may have a mobile on it that is not yours.   So then you have to figure out what you do with that.   So you need to know what you are buying and what the consequences are.