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SBA Loan vs Tax Deed in Washinton State

Posted Sep 12 2019, 18:04

Hello!  I am thinking of investing in some Tax Deed Sale properties in King County, WA.  One of the properties has a 2006 SBA Mortgage on it.  Does anyone know if the SBA Mortage will survive the sale? 

From the title report:

A deed of trust to secure an indebtedness in the amount shown below,
Amount: $193,900.00
Dated: October 21, 2006
Trustor/Grantor: XXX
Trustee: U.S. Small Business Administration
Beneficiary: The Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration
Loan No.: DHL XXX
Recording Date: November 27, 2006
Recording No.: XXX

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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