Best time to put 2 -br on a market in Las Vegas?

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Hey there!

When is the best time to put the property on the market in Vegas? We have some time now to deal with a sale, but I worry putting a prop on the market in Vegas by mid-October won't be a good idea due to holidays and nobody wanting to move during holidays.

My husband thinks this rule is not applicable to Vegas due to hot weather, that October-January are a perfect time to place the prop on the market in Vegas.

We have no problem waiting till Jan 2019 or even May 2019 :) 


I would have to say after next years tax season would be the best time! Those lump sums cause people to take trips, and those who like Vegas a lot might want to buy in with that money. The market will be a little better for more competition and stronger offers. 

If you do it mid October the likely hood of people low balling you is higher. 

I don't know the real estate market in your area, but I do in mine and I know as an investor I try to buy in the off season to save money. 

Before school started would have been best for a 3+ bedroom, I don’t know how many families would take a 2bedroom, maybe single parent of 1 kid?

I have found tenants  in every month of the year here in Vegas and it’s all possible. (Including mid-December) but I would say the worst months would be this month, as school just started, and December 1st-February 1st. 

Might cost you $25-$50/month, might cost you nothing to be in a bad month. But you can certainly make your lease expire end of March or April to help you out in 2020. 

GL. Let us know how it turns out. 

Rental demand is super high right now, but I've found that November and December are not the best months due to holiday travel and holiday budgets.  Mid January tends to be fine.  It's not like nobody rents during those times, but it tends to be slower than other times.  

Vegas is much less of a seasonal market than most areas of the country but we do still have slower months than others. Early spring to mid summer is the best. However late summer and fall are just fine and a close second. The worse months are late November and December, but I use the term worse months loosely as the last few years have been so busy we barely see a slow down in those months. 

With all of that being said if you listed it now you would not have a problem selling it. If you want to wait until early Spring you can gain some equity in the meantime as the market is still appreciating rapidly.

Best of luck with you sale either way.