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How are investors making money in Las Vegas rentals?
I'm looking at houses in Las Vegas that unless you pay cash, don't cash flow at all, and in most cases are a loss. So how are people making money with rentals in Vegas on 20-25% down financed properties? Appreciation... View more
Finder's fee in Nevada
I'm a multifamily investor who is searching for a property to buy in Nevada. While searching I found an off-market property that does not meet my investment criteria. Since it is off-market I was thinking of selling... View more
HVAC repair in Las Vegas
Goettl wants $933 for a duct cleaning and $1,685 for the installation of an electronic air cleaner to give our tenants the best air quality. Is that too much?
Incoming Las Vegas Resident
Hi Las Vegas Investors, My name is Justin Yurong and I am a 23-year old real estate investor and Realtor in Central California. I have been involved in a little less than 10 residential flips, wholesale deals, and have... View more
Sin City REIA - Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas meeting
Hello Beautiful Real Estate People, SinCityREIA the best REIA in Las Vegas is back and you're invited to be a part of something amazing. We're currently looking for some talented and motivated people looking to make... View more
Leads through Amplify
Good Morning/Afternoon All, my first post! I am looking to get started in Wholesale, have read a few books, attended a few webinars and had a discussion with someone representing Amplify. Based on what I have learned... View more
Las Vegas Networking Thursday March 23rd to Monday March 27th
Hello BP friends! I am a Georgia based real estate investor primarily involved in wholesaling and rental property investing. I will be visiting Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon on a little vacation this Thursday, March... View more
Calling Las Vegas Investors
Own a few properties in downtown Las Vegas would love to connect with other bigger pockets peeps who are investing in Vegas as well. Thoughts on downtown market?  
Virtual Zoom Meetup for Las Vegas and Henderson?
Good evening all. I wanted to know if anyone is aware of any virtual zoom meetups occurring for the Henderson and Las Vegas areas? If there is one I would love to attend.
Rental Property in Las Vegas
First time home buyer with $70k saved up & want to invest in a Las Vegas rental property with the intention of moving there in a few years (currently in SF Bay Area). What are the best areas/zip codes specifically... View more
Looking for a recommendation for buyer's agent in Vegas
Hi I recently went to Vegas and saw some condos in the area in the 100-200k range.I am currently looking for recommendations for buyers agents to help me with the purchasing process; I am working with an agent at the... View more
General Contractor recommendations for a retail build-out
Hello all, My partner and I are opening a Code Ninjas in Henderson. We are currently looking for a space to lease as well as a general contractor to complete the build-out of our center. I'm hoping you can recommend... View more
Recommended property Managers
Hello BP,I will be moving out to the Las Vegas area in January! I am super excited to move back to the USA, especially Las Vegas! Currently, I own a few properties in Kansas however I am looking to network with you... View more
Owner Financing in Las Vegas
I am looking to buy a property in Las Vegas within the next 3 months, but I'm self employed. Has anyone had any luck using owner financing out there?  
Finding my Core 4 in Las Vegas
Hi BP,I’m trying to find my Core 4 in Las Vegas. I am doing this to help my mom find an investment property that she may house hack. Please send me your recommendations! 
Multi Unit Purchase Timing
Hi All, Las Vegas Multi-Unit market has come up quite a bit over the years.  I got hit bad in 2008 with values dropping but it of course rebounded now. Anyone else worried about buying right now in Vegas?  There is... View more
Investing in Vegas - best neighborhoods?
Hi all. First-time investor here looking at single family homes and small multi-family in Vegas for buy and hold. I'm based out of state and interested in getting into Vegas during the potential downturn, as I'm... View more
New Real Estate Agent!
Hey Guys! I have lived in the Las Vegas area for 7 years and recently obtained my real estate license. I’m in the process of signing with a broker and really just looking to connect with someone that has industry... View more
Las Vegas Property Managers for C-Class - Any Recommendations?
Looking for a property manager to manage a 4 plex in Las Vegas. This property is in a C-class neighborhood, so ideally the management company has lots of experience working with tenants from various assistance programs... View more
Las Vegas REI - Market Research
Hello everyone, After five years at a development company in rural Nebraska, I'll be relocating soon. Las Vegas is on the short list and I'd like to learn about the market before making a decision. If you're... View more
Found a property in LV but worried about peak
This house barely cash flows. I worry about it being near the peak especially in LV due to the looming recession. With 85k involved in closing, it isn't an ideal time to buy if the market turns against me and I can buy... View more
Interested in Las Vegas , help me with areas to choose
I am looking to invest in Las Vegas. Thinking of doing anything less than 4 plex. I read about Henderson area. Any other areas I should be looking at ? TIAI eventually will need help in refs for kick *** real estate... View more
Boaxabl. Startup future of real estate and new builds
I recently came across this company and was completely blown away. Based out of Las Vegas this new startup will be a force to be reckoned with in the future. The design, finishes, ease of installation, and cost can't... View more
Las Vegas ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units aka granny flats)
Hello Las Vegas landlords. I'm starting to install some ADUs on flips on some local properties. I am looking for anyone with experience. If you have had one installed or thinking about it I would love to hear how its... View more
ADU in Las Vegas/Henderson Area
I am investing in the Las Vegas and Henderson area of Nevada. Some of the older but still safe areas have older homes with HUGE lots. I have been trying to do more research on ADUs. It's become a solid strategy in CA... View more