Investing in US Real Estate while living abroad

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Hello, I am an American expat living in Asia. I have a modest real estate portfolio from investments over the past 15 years. For the most part they are equity investments in high appreciation areas with my salary supplementing monthly operational losses.

I am looking to expand my portfolio through additional purchases that cash flow. However, as I don't live in the US and only visit 2-3x per year I need advice and a strong team to find deals and management properties.

Where can I begin?

Hello Matt

I Currently purchase rental properties in Michigan and sell them to investors once they are performing to our standards and stay involved with the property and investor for six months after the sale to make sure things run smoothly. I would be glad to help with any questions, feel free to contact me with any specific questions.

Good Luck

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Hi Chris, if you're looking for any properties in southeastern Michigan, please let me know as I wholesale properties in the area. If I can be of any assistance to any of you, please let me know.