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This is the place to discuss international investment. Want to know more about property investing in a country other than the United States? Just ask.

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Meetup in Tokyo - any interest??
Started by Dmitri L.
182 Tiny 1448397081 avatar dmitri l Last post byDmitri L.
about 22 hours ago
London REI or other Real Estate Show?
Started by Brad Thompson
0 Tiny 1424221599 avatar bradt1 Last post byBrad Thompson
4 days ago
Started by Jacobus Bor
1 Tiny 1454543759 avatar derrickh11 Last post byDerrick Houston
9 days ago
Investor buying in BVI
Started by Din Hen
5 Tiny 1454021906 avatar dinh1 Last post byDin Hen
12 days ago
Newbie Foreign Investor
Started by Luisito Espanola
4 Tiny 1429240672 avatar dominicj Last post byDominic Jones
15 days ago
Japan RE - Minimizing Taxes while Building a Bigger Portfolio
Started by Keen Chung Lo
12 Tiny 1429240672 avatar dominicj Last post byDominic Jones
16 days ago
Domestic Real estate vs International Real Estate
Started by Kamika Camilien
2 Tiny 1450139215 avatar kamika Last post byKamika Camilien
18 days ago
New member from Lusaka
Started by Lishebo Munalula
0 No avatar tiny Last post byLishebo Munalula
24 days ago
Business proposal and Investment
Started by Account Closed
1 Tiny 1448322965 avatar pharmerjeff Last post byJeff Rabinowitz
29 days ago
Buying Property in Belize
Started by William H.
8 Tiny 1448387025 avatar vernonville Last post byEric Tait
30 days ago
Critique my Joint Venture!
Started by Heath Clendenning
2 Tiny 1442205635 avatar annivun Last post byHeath Clendenning
30 days ago
Costa Rica Investment
Started by Hector Perez
0 Tiny 1404395604 avatar haperez Last post byHector Perez
about 1 month ago
Can you buy real-estate in any country?
Started by Clayton Rokosh
11 No avatar tiny Last post byDavid Faulkner
about 1 month ago
How do i evaluate an apartment Building? (japan)
Started by Dan Baker
8 Tiny 1434702565 avatar danb28 Last post byDan Baker
about 1 month ago
USA vs Australia
Started by Jack F.
2 Tiny 1448397288 avatar fsparkles Last post byFederico Gutierrez
about 2 months ago
Started by Engelo Rumora
14 Tiny 1448386615 avatar engelorumora Last post byEngelo Rumora
about 2 months ago
International Investing (particularly in India)
Started by Himanshu Jain
5 No avatar tiny Last post bySachin Batra
about 2 months ago
Anyone in Bris or Cairns, Australia want to discuss investing?
Started by Federico Gutierrez
1 Tiny 1448397288 avatar fsparkles Last post byFederico Gutierrez
2 months ago
Started by Dennis Jayy
2 Tiny 1455119510 avatar ardsaram Last post byArds Aram
2 months ago

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