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Anyone investing in Panama?
In Panama city, or smaller towns in the country. I've been looking into it recently and checking several options, talking to some locals and expats who invested here. There is a big plus that everything is in USD and... View more
Real Estate Investing IN Canada
Hey everyone hope your doing well. I just recently got my bigger pockets account and I'm excited to connect with everyone! First question, where in Canada do you think is the best place to invest in for the future?... View more
Any Albertans investing south of the boarder?
Wondering if any fellow Albertans have experience investing in rental or vacation properties in the states and have any resource recommendations for newbies.  Looking for books, podcasts, and anything to help... View more
Good international real estate investing books and resources
Hello, Invested in US for the past 11 years and now looking to learn a bit more about the opportunities in the international real estate.  What are some of your favorite international investing books or resources or... View more
Wholesaling in Mexico
Hi everyone, I am currently a wholesaler in San Diego, which is 15 minutes away from the border of Tijuana, Mexico. I am going to be wholesaling in Mexico as well and I wanted to know if anyone has had any experience... View more
Property Investment in Portugal
Hi,The purpose of this post is to connect with anyone interested/actively investing in the Portuguese Real Estate market. I am moving to Portugal in March 2019 and wanted to connect with fellow Property investors.... View more
International Real Estate
I love BiggerPockets. It is full of great information, stories, and has a great community. I have learned much through the podcast and by reading. I'd say about 99.9% of the content is geared towards the USA, however,... View more
International House Hacking
Hi everyone,One of my goals in real estate is to not only house hack in the US, but house hack in Europe as well. I am in college right now and am hoping to get a remote job in the future where I can make this possible... View more
Land sale in Cebu Philippines
Hello BP,My in-laws and a few relatives own 10 hectares on virgin beach land in Cebu Philippines. They are looking to sell. They were born in the Philippines and are living in the US as American citizens. The question... View more
Philippine Real Estate Investors Post-Covid
Looking forward to connect with real estate investors who are investing in the Philippines or thinking of exploring the opportunities especially those in the rental and commercial space.
Investing in South America
I am considering possibly starting my investment portfolio in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Housing and labor is cheaper there, which will allow me to start investing relatively quickly. My in laws live there and I trust them to... View more
San MIguel De Allende Investment
Hi BP members - I am interested in learning your opinion about the rental market for San Miguel De Allende in Mexico. I did a trip from Mexico all the way to Puerto Vallarta last year and did stay at San Miguel for 2... View more
Investing in Philippines
Hey BP,My grandfather recently passed away (Filipino) and he left me land walking distance from University of Antique. I was thinking of doing student housing there. I've been trying to do my due diligence, but it's... View more
Best Baltic City to invest in real estate (apartment)
Hi there, I am looking to invest in an apartment in either Vilnius, Kaunas (Lithuania), Riga (Latvia) or Talinn (Estonia). After initial research, I believe the Baltic countries still offer good growth perspectives,... View more
Anyone buying in France???
Hello,I am an american living in Paris and I have recently started investing in real estate. I have purchased three apartments in the last two years (in Paris and Marseille) and am looking for more! I have learned a... View more
Any places I might be missing?
Hello, I just happened upon this forum. Because International travel and real estate investing is a great interest to me, I thought I would introduce myself and hope to start a conversation on options for the favorite... View more
Investing in Puerto Vallarta, MX
Hi there, I'm looking to buy a home in Sayulita (a neighboring town of Puerto Vallarta). Goal would be a small unit, close to the beach, where I can live a few months and rent out the rest. Prefer something close to... View more
Complete International Portfolio Management
Bonjour,For the last few years I've been working remotely, living in various countries. But next year I'll be setting up a permanent office, though the location is to be decided, it will be either in Eastern Europe,... View more
Any places I might be missing?
Hello, I just happened upon this forum. Because International travel and real estate investing is a great interest to me, I thought I would introduce myself and hope to start a conversation on options for the favorite... View more
Short term rental in Jamaica
Hello Everyone I’m looking to connect and chat with those that may have rental property overseas in the island of Jamaica or those who maybe interested in the market in this location.Lets connect 
Purchasing home in Jamaica
Hey everyone! I just learned that my wife's aunt and uncle are looking to sell their home in Negril, Jamaica. Of course my mind started to think about purchasing it to have as an investment property. I haven't done... View more
Qatar Real estate, Pros and Cons
Hello I am a real estate investor, i have extensive experience in the aforementioned market, and I would start with the prons 1) tax free 2) high yield in some Area Cons 1) lack of data and reports related to real... View more