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This is the place to discuss international investment. Want to know more about property investing in a country other than the United States? Just ask.

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Financing Options in Dubai
Started by Sachin Acharya
0 Tiny 1446706267 avatar sachina1 Last post bySachin Acharya
about 1 hour ago
Started by Engelo Rumora
12 Tiny 1448386615 avatar engelorumora Last post byEngelo Rumora
5 days ago
Financing Options for Italian Property
Started by Elizabeth Nourse
1 Tiny 1448386891 avatar russelltee Last post byRussell Brazil
5 days ago
Does anyone have a preferred place to invest in a winter home?
Started by Ruta Uleviciute
3 Tiny 1448386121 avatar madmatch Last post byMarcello D.
5 days ago
Sweden real estate investing
Started by Seth Mosley
3 Tiny 1446815288 avatar marcusm22 Last post byMarcus Mogeus
7 days ago
Investing in Playa Del Carmen Mexico CREATIVE!
Started by Sean Mathes
6 Tiny 1424349338 avatar ruta Last post byRuta Uleviciute
8 days ago
Wholesaling in Mexico
Started by Alberto Perez
0 Tiny 1447456835 avatar albertop Last post byAlberto Perez
10 days ago
Exchange Rates
Started by Jerry Charlton
0 Tiny 1447684959 avatar jerrycharlton Last post byJerry Charlton
11 days ago
BP Meetup in Tokyo - any interest??
Started by Dmitri L.
138 Tiny 1434702565 avatar danb28 Last post byDan Baker
11 days ago
Vacant houses in Japan, opportunity?
Started by Micki M.
2 Tiny 1448397081 avatar dmitri l Last post byDmitri L.
18 days ago
Flipping and Investing in Abu Dhabi---is this even possible?
Started by Michael Volek
3 Tiny 1432612237 avatar oneshowguy Last post byMichael Ibosiola
19 days ago
Urban Trade International Real estate Exhibition
Started by Devon Poe
0 Tiny 1447025358 avatar devonp1 Last post byDevon Poe
19 days ago
Anyone used any agents in/near Bangkok for apartment bldgs?
Started by Brian Tafaro
0 Tiny 1441963280 avatar briant29 Last post byBrian Tafaro
22 days ago
Jacksonville (FL) CPA required for New Zealand investor.
Started by Steve G.
4 Tiny 1399764960 avatar tpag8tr Last post byEric Odum
24 days ago
Newbie Foreign Investor
Started by Luisito Espanola
0 Tiny 1445257758 avatar luisitoe Last post byLuisito Espanola
30 days ago
Buying Real Estate in Puerto Rico
Started by Zach Adams
14 Tiny 1425665962 avatar anthonyb10 Last post byAnthony Benjamin
about 1 month ago
Asian interest in U.S. commercial real estate is surging
Started by Anthony Russian
1 Tiny 1430960641 avatar samvan Last post bySam Van Horebeek
about 1 month ago
Started by Aaron Baker
0 Tiny 1444259454 avatar aaronb37 Last post byAaron Baker
about 1 month ago
Canada Real Estate
Started by Spencer Alessi
7 Tiny 1445258453 avatar spencera Last post bySpencer Alessi
about 1 month ago

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