Investor Lion Integrated CRM - Any knowledge or Opinions?

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Anyone used Investor Lion yet?  I listened to awesome webinar today, but didn't pull trigger on the lead generation and platform being sold (collectively for $997), but I watched demo of Investor Lion and it seemed pretty awesome, but when I went to look for it directly, it seems brand new or limited to those buying into the lead generation system.  I've been going slow in this area of my business by not having/spending time on the systems, (I have OnCarrot, Podio, Vumber, MailChimp) but this demo looked like perfect thing for people who just want an overall intuitive one-stop shop to deal with leads from end-to-end.  It could be that I just don't understand what I have well enough yet (i.e. maybe OnCarrot and Podio working together will give me same feel).  Any thoughts or info on this Investor Lion platform? (no, I'm not a re-seller or own stock with this....yet...hah)

@Jim Froehlich hope all is well man!! 

I haven’t heard of Investor Lion and their site looks like it’s in pre launch phase. What do they do? 

I’d always be leery of it until it’s proven with high level investors, but podio and investor fuse and a couple other podio based CRMs are the ones we see the most successful investors use. 

If you’re looking for more “all in one” the problem you run into is the system is likely good a a thing or two and bad / mediocre at the rest. Which is why so many  Systems keep popping up. 

If I were to start from scratch here’s what I’d do: 

1. Focus on leads FIRST: then on managing leads second. too many people try to build out the perfect system before they even have enough lead flow to worry about managing leads.  

We Had a client at our CarrotCamp recently who did $650k in wholesale fees in Dallas in his first year in business and he literally used a whiteboard and our internal lead manager to manage his leads and deals. 

He has investor fuse now, but he just worried about pulling in leads first and mastering that... vs trying to build a perfect all in one system before he truly knew what he needed to serve his business. 

My advice is that if you haven’t truly implemented the proven systems you’re already using... that lion investor may be a shiny object distraction and won’t solve things. 

Take that same $1k and put it into PPC marketing following our training and coaching calls and turn it into deals. 

Reach out and we can dial you in man! 

@Trevor Mauch said it well.  Although our all in one works well for us.  

I couldn’t find a service that had all of the pieces so I spent 600k creating a phone company. 

I never thought I would ever have done that.  

So happy to be an investor 

Investor Lion, G3, and Marketing Commando are all scams! Owned by David Corbaley. No customer service in the US. All done through email. They are a fraudulent company to deal with. They took 6k over 3 months from me with a total of 9 junk leads! Don't get scammed

I  Purchased G3-Investor Lion package last week. Went to set up and nothing worked. After creating a password I clicked the link to get to pt. 2, It sends me back to pt 1. No way to get help on the page or anywhere else on the site.

After searching on google I found the owner David Corbaley, He has a facebook page called THE MARKETING COMMANDO. I told him what happened last week and one week later have no response from the support team. I sent a message today and his response was extremely UNPROFESSIONAL and UNPOLITE. Also, I wrote a comment on one of the posts for the exact same problem on his facebook page and he deleted my comment instead of solving the problem.

Looks like he is very unprofessional and his software is a scam or super poor. Do not buy it. I'm still waiting for the refund!!!

Most of these guru are are marketers they just want you to buy there product smh. So sad they need more people like Mark Whitten out there man from what I seen him do and seen him on the breakfast club talk radio in NY he is the truth good guy that blesses others. Look at the price of his program all the same how to $20 I want to do the same when get to benchmark goals as well as have propertyies for the homeless and teach the same things I learn for free. BLESS OTHERS AND YOU WILL BE BLESSED. Back to that G3 I build websites on the side I figured I will take what they showed me and make a lead generation site implement all the questions they ask over the phone that way the prospect becomes a lead before I even speak to them ha ha great walkthrough for a mind like mine if anyone wants to partner up send me shout. I'm going to start working on this tomorrow I'm excited I was actually think about this a few days ago but got side tracked by my other projects but that is confirmation that I had a good idea brewing. CHEERS!!!

I don't recommend anyone buying Investor Lion G3.  Unfortunately I purchased the system in May 2019 and cancelled within the 30 days.  It was a hassle to get my refund since they don't want to answer their phone, but will eventually respond to e-mail.  Out of no where last week I receive a debit for almost $80 in my business checking account from Google Ads they were running the few weeks I had their service and didn't receive any leads.  It was PPC, but I only received impressions.  AFTER the service was cancelled I was notified of one click.  I couldn't retrieve any contact information or data regarding the click because they changed the password on my account.  I'm fighting for a refund of the fee now.  Spend money on this scam at your own risk.