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11 April 2010


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  • Direct Mailing Campaign
    Replied June 21, 2018
    Originally posted by @Savannah King:When it comes to direct mailing and sending out post cards, what are good authentic ways to attract a motivated seller to call you? Do you ge... See more
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  • Question on direct mail, seller leads, and phone calls
    Replied June 20, 2018
    Originally posted by @Jeremy England: So I've read up on direct mail and wanted to know how the forum deals with seller phone calls.  Let them all go to voicemail and return me... See more
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  • Next Step after getting list from list source
    Replied June 20, 2018
    Originally posted by @Daniel Scruggs: Ok, so i jumped into buy a list from list source without have a direct plan into what to do with it, so now i have some question to catch ... See more
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