finding info on cash buyers around properties you have under contract

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I saw an excellent tip on the BP blog to search through the assessor information to find the cash buyers around your property. This seemed like a great research tool. I called my assessors office and they do not provide that info. Could I purchase this info from a site like list source?

I'm not sure if sites like list source gave that info, however, your local title company will have access to all cash closings.

@WIll Barnard thanks for the tip, I will be giving them a call asap!

You can also find a friendly investor realtor and ask if the realtor would pull up cash buyers from the last 6 months.

@James Enright thanks for the idea, that is something I have been doing very recently.  

@Michael Westberry  

You can use List Source to get this information but you have to know the filter to use to get it. You are looking for properties with no mortgage recorded so here's the secret to do this. When filtering under the "property" tab you must select Equity then manually type in 100% to 100%. This means they didn't finance anything i.e no mortgage recorded.

You can also get it from an title company like @Will Barnard  said but you need to be doing some business with them first. The same goes for a Realtor - you can get this information from them too like @James Enright  said but you will probably need a relationship first.

Once you get that list I would sort it by zip code and figure out what the average price per square foot is for each zip code. This way you can make the right offers based on the areas of town. You can probably get someone on Fiverr to set this up as in a chart (kinda like a cheat sheet). This way you can see where the investors are buying and focus your efforts there.

There is also paid software that can pull these records for you too. 

You can try Bandit Signs 

"Investor Special"

3 Bedroom 2 Bath

Needs Work / Cheap


I have had luck getting buyers from the website too. It's a little more work but you can get the investor sales there. You'll have to wait about a month (depending on the area) until the recorded deed shows up in public records. Then get the mailing address and mail them a postcard OR research them through Google and give them a call. You can also skiptrace them if you can't get either of those things. These may not all be cash buyers but I have found that most are and can close in 7 days or less.

I hope this helps!

@Tim Herndon Thanks for the info this helps a lot! I recently spoke to my closing attorney and those records cannot be pulled by him I am excited to give the list source a try. Does list source have access to phone numbers?

The bandit signs around the area are a good idea! Investors working the area would most likely ride around the area!

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