About or how to wholesale 3BR/1BT house

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I know most cash buyers prefer buying 3 Bedrooms/2 Bathroom single family homes from wholesalers, what is the experience like trying to wholesale a 3 Bedroom/1 Bathroom single family homes?

Again, how easy or difficult is it trying to wholesale a 3 Bedroom/1 Bathroom single family homes to cash buyers?


I'm in Roswell-Marietta and would be glad to look at your property.

3/1 TH is usually not attractive as a 3/2 sfh

Hi Lawrence,

Outside of what you'll pick it up for and what all the home may need... I think it depends on your market. What are the ARV of 3BR/1BA's in your area? What are the average rental rates for these homes? Do you know of any section 8 buyers who fill these size homes? I ask because you may want to make this decision from the inside out and see of the numbers would work for an investor.

Personally I lived in Kennesaw for short spell and from my memory I didn't see many 3BR/1BA on the market when I was looking for a rental while out there (and just researching the market) so that could be a good or bad thing.

Either way, good luck!

you might also try to find out if the septic is designed for a second bathroom.

@Lawrence Monyei

I once wholesaled a pig farm right next to a nuclear power plant and the seller MADE his wife be part of the deal! 

Not really, but my point is, a deal is a deal. Obviously a 3/2 is more desirable than a 2/1 but if it's a deal, you'll have a buyer. I have a closing tomorrow for a 3/2 house that I made $10k on and last month I had a 2/1 that I made $18k on.

FIND the DEALS, buyers are the easy part. 

Braden is 100% correct, I was in the beginning way too concerned about finding buyers... the buyers will come. A good friend I worked with said that if you have a great deal, buyers will come to you. You need to find a home that will be good for your buyers to want to pick up. Know the ends an outs of the property you find and want to wholesale, the better the deal, the more buyers that will come.

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