Wholesaling Mentor/Coach in the Philadelphia Area

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I am looking for a mentor/coach to answer questions and help me really to start wholesaling properties. I feel like I can keep reading and reading and watching videos but I need a human to talk to one-on-one. I am more eager than ever, after coming from a Fortune Builders disappointment, it just seemed like they wanted money, more of a spew of here and there information, reverse psychology, good marketing and good speakers to try and get $25k from me.....but anyway...like I said, would love to be able to ask questions with someone, go out to lunch/dinner and really get some good information and guidance. 

@Tyana Everett

I doubt you need a coach, you can talk one-on-one with potential sellers. I don't think any coach worth listening to will tell you something far from "find a marketing strategy that will work for you/your situation and get sellers to call you."

There are a ton of posts and podcasts about how to get the ball rolling. I think once you start the leg work you will run into a mentor that will help you get to the next level. Other than that, take action everyday and see what happens! good luck!


@Antoine Joseph Thanks!!! I am starting to think the same thing......Think I will check out some more posts and podcasts then dive in. 

@Account Closed thanks for the link! and yes i did set the keyword search....i think! still trying to figure out the ins and out of the website myself.