Obtaining Wholesaling Contracts & Title/Escrow Companies

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I'm a beginner RE investor interested in wholesaling. I've been doing extensive research for the past few weeks and have had no success on obtaining a Purchasing & Sales Agreement and an Assignment Contract

Moreover, I'm having extreme difficulties finding a Title Company/ Escrow company in So Cal that handles Assignments. I've called more than 20 companies, and no luck at all.

If anyone could help me just kick start this Wholesaling process by providing any info on the above, that would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks in advance !


@Bell Santiago Welcome to BP and welcome to the world of wholesaling! I don't have the exact answers since I am here in Texas, but my recommendation would be to reach out to wholesalers in your market and ask them these questions. Go to local meet ups, and talk to people. It seems like you are very motivated based on you calling that many companies so don't skip out on this. You WILL HAVE TO get out of your comfort zone as a wholesaler. This isn't easy and it isn't some get rich quick job. It takes consistency and dedication, it doesn't happen over night. However with that being said it can make you lots of money if you stick with it and do it right. I wish you the best of luck my friend! Reach out to people doing what you want to do in your market and ask for their wisdom and advice.