Buying a wholesale deal with a loan

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I have a property under an assignment contract for $100k in NJ. I found a buyer who wants to purchase the property but needs to get a loan. Can you assign a contract to someone who isn’t paying cash but getting a loan to purchase. (Not hard money loan)

@Jesse Fenton ,

As wholesalers, one of the main services we offer to our sellers is to be able to close quickly for cash.  Financing can take a long time, and the banks are going to want to inspect the property.  If it's in need of repair, they are unlikely to approve the loan.

When I line up buyers, I ask them what their source of funding is (Cash, LoC, Hard Money, etc.)  Notice that I don't put bank financing in there.

One of the things I love about REI is that we are often able to find creative solutions. For example, would the seller be willing to do seller financing? If so, then they're the bank and it's up to them if they want to extend credit to the buyer. There's also Subject-To as an option.

My gut reaction is to say that you can't do this.  Not from a technical perspective, but from a feasibility perspective.  But if you can get creative, who knows.