Top Online Resource Tools for your Real Estate Investing & Why?

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As we begin building our Real Estate Portfolios on every level, utilizing online tools to be more efficient is key. What online tools/resources or services do you use and why? I'm adding a portion of our investing groups subject matter and know the knowledgeable experts are here on Bigger Pockets. I'm excited to see what you all come up with.

@Virginia Marphis ,

Probably not helpful, but my systems are homegrown.  I develop online business solutions for a living almost as an addiction.  I'm very focused on security, a solution that does exactly what I need, and that is scalable.  As I grow my business, I'm implementing what I need, and not a bunch of things that I think would be nice to have.  Those will come down the road as my systems become more solid and perhaps where I start inviting others to use it.

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