BiggerPockets Podcast 083: Profitable Landlording with Integrity with Marcia Maynard

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Today on the BiggerPockets Podcast we are excited to sit down with Marcia Maynard, a hands-on landlord who hails from Vancouver, Washington.

Marcia got her start in real estate by marrying into “the family business” that already had an existing portfolio, but continued on the tradition to help fund her own future retirement.  On today’s show, she goes into detail on how you can invest part-time for retirement while making a HUGE impact on the community in the process!

This show covers the importance of integrity in a landlord’s life and is filled with actionable tips for dealing with tenants in an ethical – yet profitable – way.  This is a great show, let’s get into it!

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In This Show We Cover…


  • How to invest with family
  • The importance of setting up your business structure and what happens when you don’t!
  • Insurance – Do you need an umbrella policy?
  • The awesome path of buying rental properties slowly
  • Personal Finance 101
  • How to love your job and invest in real estate on the side
  • The benefits of a mission statement
  • The importance of coaching your tenants to have more integrity
  • How to handle conflicts with tenants
  • An awesome alternative to evictions! 
  • The importance of a calling up prior landlords
  • Red flags of bad tenants,
  • Actionable items for vetting tenants over the phone
  • Using court records to look up potential tenants
  • And a whole lot more!

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  1. Fantastic interview Marcia! Thank you for sharing your experiences, outlook and processes — you are a very thoughtful and intentional landlord and it’s inspiring and helpful to hear how you manage your properties. Thank you!

  2. This podcast was such a call to action for me. I came here to try to find Marcia’s mission statement so that I could draft my own. In the corporate and public institutions where I previously worked, the mission statements always seemed like empty bits of marketing, and no one but the person who wrote it could probably recite it. Mission statements were part of that corporate style organization that I sought to avoid as a private investor.

    Marcia’s mission statement, however, was such a clear articulation of what she stood for that could be used to protect and strengthen her business in so many situations.

    I’m in the vacation rental business which is hugely dependent on positive tenant reviews. Of course, I hope that all of my tenants will have positive experiences to share. However, sometimes things don’t go well, like when someone looses their security deposit and then some for damages which may have been due to an honest accident. I am always afraid that they will damage my business by writing a negative review if I collect compensation for the damages. I feel like sharing a strong mission statement with prospective tenants will assure them of the quality I *strive* to deliver, it will hold me accountable to myself to do that striving, and hopefully, it will help tenants who fall short of the bargain to feel like they have at least been treated fairly.

    Thank you so much.

  3. Marcia – Thank you for your landlording perspective – really valuable information! Also – I’m determined to create that mission statement for our rental business now. Nice job!

  4. Pierre THERNIZE on

    Awesome podcast!!!
    A lot of great information about the landlording business. Marcia Maynard thank you for sharing, not only in the podcast, but also on the website.
    We really appreciate your time and expertise!!!

  5. Marsha, this was a great podcast. You really made me think about how I want to to be perceived as a landlord and how I “strive” to do my business. I plan to sit down in the near future and put together my own mission statement and business plan. In addition, even though I don’t actually do my own tenant screening, I am going to share this podcast with my property manager so that she can hear and know what is important to me as the landlord.

    These podcasts continue to inspire me every week! Thanks!

  6. Michele Fischer on

    Marcia, really enjoyed learning more about you and your management style, great podcast!

    We have our mission statement, packaged as “our philosophy” on our applications, which is:
    We strive to provide affordable, clean, and safe housing, be fair with repairs, and improve the Highlands neighborhood. We respect our tenant’s privacy, and expect tenants to respect the property, neighborhood, and all rules of the rental agreement.

    That strive word is a good one! We have boiled our mission statement down to “safe and clean” and use that to guide our upgrades and decisions.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Actually, I may be testing that prescreening-to-show-the-rental procedure. Someone contacted me via text and said they couldn’t make the open house. Via text I said I could show it if they met my prescreen. Person started to go off on a rant right then about how I must be looking for perfect credit, that credit is just a number, doesn’t define a person, ect. I said I was not looking for perfect credit. She said they had low credit because they are walking away from a house and she just found out she is a victim of ID theft. I said sorry, I can’t make a special trip to show the house because it appears you don’t qualify due to low credit and suggested she may want to use a realtor to help find her a rental. Then she went off more ranting again about how great they are and that credit scores don’t define a person. I didn’t respond. About 24 hrs later I get,”…I showed these messages to my attorney and he said these remarks are slanderous, assaulting, discriminatory and none of what you said to me in text was representative of what was in the listing of this rental property … You MAY be hearing from my attorney this week regarding your actions.” This was 2 days ago. I am betting she is referring to the Craigslist ad. No one ever puts their criteria in their Craigslist ad around here. I would find it hard to believe that a lawyer actually said any of those things.To infer that landlord who doesn’t post criteria means we take anyone who walks of the street without checking credit, etc., doesn’t pass the reasonable person test. I have a written criteria that I give to people when they ask for an application because I don’t want to spend their money and my time finding out they don’t meet our criteria. Kind of wondering how common threats are like this and if I should be concerned.

  8. Marcia, I just heard your interview and it honestly humbled me. I love that you think the way you do. Thank you for sharing your success and knowledge with the world! I look forward to following your posts.

  9. Loved the presentation.
    I am a first time real estate investor and learned so much from Marcia’s talk. I too love my profession, i work as an early intervention and rehabilitation occupational therapist but my undergraduate is in Economics.
    I think her presentation was honest. down to earth, insightful and very helpful.
    I would like to hear more podcasts of women in this field as i feel they offer a different perspective and attitude toward real estate buying.
    I am now busy trying to listen to about one podcast a day while i travel between patients homes, one thing i do know for sure, whether it relates directly to me as as first time landlord or not i can always learn something worthwhile from it.
    Thank you for making this tool available to our nubies.

  10. Julia Rowling

    This episode really resonated with me – I’m all about frugal living, and even more so about living in accordance with your core values. I like the way Marcia is assertive with her tenants, making it clear what the expectations are right up front, instead of making a lot of assumptions that then lead to problems later on. This is yet another great example of how putting the relationship first pays off in the long run. Thanks, Marcia, Josh and Brandon!

  11. Roy Kwak

    Marcia, as a beginning investor I just wanted to say I loved your enlightened approach to landlording as it is based on mutual respect and making everyone’s lives better. Easy to focus on maximizing profits but I know that one of my goals is to enrich the lives of all those around me including my tenants (not just make money) and your show really encouraged that. I’m not personally very religious at this point in my life but I get the sense that your faith has fed your holistic approach. Thanks.

  12. Mario Mormile

    Thanks for sharing Marcia! The telephone screening: wonderful advice! In a world where we are used to seeing instant results and everyone getting what they want, it is so cool to hear that phrase, “I’m sorry, that’s going to be a deal breaker.” I am adding that to my arsenal 🙂

    Great podcast as always!

  13. Julie Marquez

    Awesome podcast! I just listened and will relisten soon. I want to emulate the type of landlord you are, and such a good person in your community too. I like that your mission statement and that you are just trying to help others, and that also helps your bottom line. Great practical tips, and great words to echo in my own business. Thanks again!

  14. What a great interview! My land-lording strategy is very similar to yours to have properties paid off as soon as possible. The section about screening tenants was the best.

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