Real Estate Investing Basics

The Easiest Way to Become a Successful Real Estate Investor

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You probably don't just want to be a real estate investor—you want to be a successful one.

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In order to do so, first you need to figure out what success means to you. Then, once you’ve defined what you’re striving to achieve, setting goals is key. And setting goals that align with your strengths is even better.

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What Do You Want to Achieve?

Your vision of success might look vastly different than other people’s. Maybe you’re a great salesperson and want to make deals, so wholesaling is right for you. Maybe you have construction skills or are an expert negotiator, so you’d be a good fit for fix and flips. Or if your thing is systemization and processes, maybe landlording is going to be your forte.

The skills you possess are unique to you, so your path toward success in real estate will likely be unique, too.

Here’s some advice on getting what you want out of real estate investing.

How do you define success as a real estate investor? What are your goals? How do you plan to achieve them?

I’d love to hear from you in a comment below.

Matt Faircloth, co-founder and president of the DeRosa Group, is a seasoned real estate investor. The DeRosa Group, based in historic Trenton, New Jersey, i...
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    Bricarra S. Real Estate Agent from Fresno, CA
    Replied over 1 year ago
    I loved this. I’m currently new to the business. I love the idea, the concept, and for what every person stands for it, I think is unique. My goals are to have the wedding my boyfriend and I dreamed of, to purchase a home for my family to come back to, to give back to my parents and to be able to travel and maybe one day be an inspiration.
    Marilou Ancheta from Clovis, California
    Replied over 1 year ago
    Your vision of success might look vastly different than other people’s. — I agree!! Thank you for this post.
    Replied over 1 year ago