New in bucks county pa looking to get my feet wet

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Hello everyone,

I'm new and looking to start investing. My long term goal is to use real estate investing to build a secure future for myself and my family. I currently work and go to school part time, but I do have plenty of time left over to devote to real estate. I've been creeping around BP for a year or so now and found an abundance of helpful information, and I would like thank BP members for providing it. I'm currently reading J Scott's book on flipping houses and listening to as many BP podcasts as I can. I plan on starting to attend local DIG meetings and I would like to build relationships with local investors.

I'm not really sure where to start out. Should I wholesale? Should I work with/learn from a more experienced investor? I have nearly no capital or experience with investing, What I do have is time and motivation. I am willing to work with/help more experienced investors in exchange for the experience and knowledge I would gain as a result. I'm not very familiar with the local market and what type of investing best suits my area.

I would appreciate any advice BP members can offer, especially local investors.


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Hi Geoff, welcome, I'm also in Bucks county I live in Yardley. I'm just starting out as well. Where do you live in Bucks. I'm getting started in wholesaling I believe its the  least expensive barrior to entry in the  real estate investing  biz. 

@Andre DiNatale  

I was also considering wholesaling. It is the least expensive way to get started but from what I've learned its not as easy as some people make it seem. Since you live right down the road, I'd like to extend an offer for coffee or drinks and we can talk about the local market. Private message me if your interested. 

@Goeff Biddle

That would be great, I can meet up just about anytime. And you are right, wholesaling is not easy but I believe it the most inexpensive way to create quick cash flow and learn the real estate investing biz in my opnion.