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I'm looking for a real estate agent in the Oklahoma City metro area that is investor friendly, owns their own properties, and who can possibly manage properties also. I am looking to buy and hold for cash flow at the moment and possibly move to flips in the future. Primarily looking for single family homes, but if a multifamily deal comes along and I can confidently take it on, I wouldn't be opposed to that. I've been going to OKCreia and Millionaire Possibilities groups and learning what I can, but to take that leap I think I will need a seasoned investment friendly realtor to work with me. Any recommendations?



Don't have any recommendations, but if you find the person you're looking for... let me know.

As a former broker, with many years in the business, I too have found it difficult to find a person like you describe.

Thanks, and good hunting.

Hey Jason! I wish you all the best on your hunt for a realtor that fits the bill. There are a little over 4,000 realtors in Oklahoma and I'm sure one of them has to come close to the requirements. 

I've gone to both of those REIA's while I was in the country last year. I think you will be able to find your realtor or a fellow investor to work with through networking there. Seems there were quite a bit of wholesalers there who might also be a good point of contact to find some real deals that aren't on the market yet :D

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@Jason Nashert  there's alot of us out here ready to help.  just shoot me a msg if there is anything i can do for you.  lots of opportunity here in okc.  i personally love to buy and hold not so hot on flipping though.