Looking for an investor agent in NY or Rochester NY

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I'm starting my 90 Days challenge to purchase a property, and i have two locations i have chosen. One is GA which i am working with an agent to find a property. 

The second will be New York which i currently reside. Of course New York NY is too expensive for me, hence why i have GA. 

I started looking outside of NY city, and i've been finding a couple of deals in Rochester NY, and other areas. I was hoping to talk to an agent that can assist me with my goal for purchasing a Mutli-family home. Thank you for your time

Hey @Bj Ayoleke feel free to reach out to me. You are also welcome to reach out to my partner @Matt Harris who invests full time and is a REA. He and I have a couple of turn key properties also available for sale. We can also manage for you since you are far away from Rochester NY. Good luck buddy !

Hi BJ,

I’m a full time Real Estate agent who specializes in investment real estate in Rochester, NY. I also invest myself. We have a few rental units and also flip houses. While I’m not sure if we’d be a good fit for you or not, I’d be happy to see if there’s potentially a fit. Typically I work with investors who have a well thought out strategy but sometimes lack information about the Rochester market. If that sounds like you, it may make sense to discuss. 

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Thank you all for reaching out. I was able to be linked to an agent with Keller Williams that is very helpful and already has added me to the MLS list. It is a lot of properties in Rochester for amazing prices, kinda of scary and exciting at the same time, because i read the deals can be good depending on the streets.

@Aqil Dharamsey I will be looking for a management company once i acquire the property so glad to know i have someone to reach out to. Looking to build my team. I'm sure those turn key properties are not below 100K. If they are i would to take a look at some of them. Also pick your brains about some of the deals i found. Always good to get a better opinion on it.

@Matt Honeyford I would love to discuss my strategy with you. i mean it a simple BRRR strategy really, nothing too fancy. My capital is a little limited but anything 70K and below seems to be a good buy for me as far as going with a conventional or hard money