Purchase and House Hack a Multi-Family Property Bucks County, PA

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Hi, Bigger Pockets Community!

My name is Bill Capper, and I am a certified strength and conditioning specialist with a large network. I have been reading and learning about the amazing potential of real estate investment since November of 2017. I currently am taking a dual NJ and PA real estate license class that I will be finishing at the end of July. I have been enamored with the idea of house hacking for my first home purchase ever since I began the eye-opening process of learning the potential real estate can provide. I was hoping I could pick the brain of anyone who would be willing to provide me with information on the top areas in Bucks County that contain the densest population of multi-family properties. I am currently in the process of being pre-approved for an FHA 203k loan which is imminent. Very excited to learn more from this community! Thank you so much and Trust the Process!

Hey bill,

I'm not too sure about Multi-family in bucks county, but I bought a single family investment home in Warrington, PA. I bought it for $275K in DEC 2017. Toll Brothers are building a development of single family homes across the street from my property starting at $500K. I looked at a couple multi-family places in Doylestown, and they looked ok. I like Bucks county a lot, but not too sure about best multi-family locations. Sorry I couldn't be any more help. I'll let you know if I come across anything you might be interested in.

I house hacked a 4 unit building as my first house hack, and can tell you that it's a great idea!  Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with the bucks county market, but I would recommend going to your local real estate meetup (download 'meetup' app and search real estate) and I bet you that someone there will be able to provide insight on best places to buy a multi family.

Good luck!

Hey Bill, I am a bucks county investor as well and wanted to see how you made out buying a multi unit in the area. I know around here prices are pretty high and any multis available are too over priced and very little equity left when you buy. Look for houses that have "value add" and overlooked properties that you can make work.