Best way to propose a seller financing deal?

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ok so the craziest thing just happened to me. I'm on my way home from Las Vegas and had a Pittsburgh pirates jersey on. Some guy stops me and asks if I'm from Pittsburgh and I reply yes. We go on to talk and somehow get on the subject of real estate. He says he is ready to retire and mentioned his first purchase was four buildings in an a+ neighborhood. We have a layover at the same place on the way home. Whats the best way to bring up seller financing?

First off I am not an accountant but I would probably mention that if he sells right now he would have one large lump sum of money that he will have to pay taxes on.  If he sells to you with owner financing then you can pay him monthly, a check that he can depend on that is back up by a real asset.  You can stretch this out for however long allowing him to have a steady stream of income into his retirement.