Anybody investing in Ontario Canada?

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Just starting out and comparing investing in American cities as opposed to Canadian cities, does anybody invest in Ontario Canada? There seem to be some good duplex and multi family opportunities in smaller towns. Single home prices are too high to choose American cities though. Thoughts. 

Hi Alshan,

There are many people on here investing in Ontario, myself included. Those duplex, second-suite, and small multi-family type opportunities you'll find all over the place, some of the more popular markets are Barrie, Kitchener/Waterloo, Hamilton, Windsor, Oshawa/Durham Region etc. Many shy away from Toronto but the cash flow can be great here as well if you can stomach the buy-in price. 

In short, Ontario has lots of options for investors, it just depends on what you as an investor are looking for. 

@Alshan San Bought my first "house hack" last year and it was the best thing I did. The tenant essentially pays the mortgage and it has enabled me to increase my savings rate substantially... Please feel free to ask any questions, I am no expert but ill do my best to help.

@Alshan San There are a ton of Ontario investors. You should also look into posting on the Ontario section of the forums. 

@Sarah Larbi runs a successful meetup for Southern Ontario RE investors. 

@Roy Cleeves is another superstar investor busy buying a lot of real estate. 

Keep posting questions and sharing insights. That's the best way to gain knowledge and contribute to the everyone else's development.

Originally posted by @Alshan San :

Single home prices are too high to choose American cities though. Thoughts. 

You serious? Prices are TOO HIGH to choose American Cities? The only cities comparable in average price and cap rate to Toronto in the US is NYC, LA, SF, Silicon Valley and maybe Seattle.. 

Even if you look in Windsor and London ON the numbers are still relatively high compared to dozens of cities in the US..

Good luck on your search

Hi I invest in Ontario. Mainly oshawa Scarborough and London. I buy single family homes and convert them to legal duplexes. Rent them out, refinance them and hold. Send me a message anytime. Dave