2 month, 10k rehab......now 4 months and 20k. I need a break

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I will keep this somewhat brief.

5 months ago my wife and I bought a duplex to fix up and rent out. We got a contractors quote to redo the 1st unit bath and kitchen for 15k full gut, make really nice. We opted to save some money and do it ourselves. Well... the bathroom is almost finished, still no running water, kitchen is almost finished, still no countertops. It has been a long 4 months of after work/school renovations, and we haven't saved all the much money. In fact we've probably lost more money because of not renting out the unit. At this point my wife and i are tired, we are burnt out.

Is it giving up if we call the contractor to come finish up and do the second unit? Or should we persist?

@Steven Wilson someone on here advised to me, “put your aces in their places.” I think you’ve answered your own question. This is not your forte and likely it is actually losing you money. While it’s being fixed up slowly it’s not being rented. While it’s being fixed up you are exhausted and discouraged. I’m guessing it’s impacting your state of mind, your sleep, maybe your health. And by the sounds of it it’s not doing your wallet any favors. I think you know what to do.

@Tara Wright thanks for the encouragement and affirmation of my decision. This most definitely has had a negative impact on my social, emotional, and marital life. I look forward to hiring this out to someone who enjoys this!