Just starting to learn to become a real estate investor.

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I am just starting to learn how to become a real estate investor and earn financial independance. Right now, I am educating myself the best I so I be successful. Do you have any recommendations on books to read, podcast to listen to (I'm already listening to everything on Bigger Pockets) or other ways to learn how to get started?

My first goal is to to make $4,500 a month out of passive income from rentals. After that first goal, my second goal is to start flipping houses to pay down the mortgages and increase my cashflow.

Im doing all of this so I can spend more time with my family instead of my life revolving around my desk and working until I retire at 65.

Just for background, I have very little capital to work with (again, terrible job), but I know houses and buildings very well. I grew up inspecting and repairing single family homes, and know renovations and costs in and out.

Any recommendations you can make on books, podcasts, blogs, anything to learn this art would appreciated.

Hi Russell,

Welcome to BP! Real estate is a great investment. I've never had a job where I made a bunch of money. Furthermore, I never planned on being a landlord (I'm a high school teacher) and most folks told me not to do it, but it turned out to be fun, challenging, and profitable! Now I realize that it is going to be a big part of my life. We started with renting out our old house and next month we'll close on our first multi-family (11 plex).

As you already know, BP has tons of great stuff.  Here is a list of books they recommend:  BP Book List

Best of luck!!