Looking for Real Estate Attorney in the Buffalo, NY area

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Good morning BP,

My wife and I are newbie investors here in the Buffalo, NY area and looking for referrals for a good Real Estate Attorney - preferably local.  We submitted an offer on a triplex last night and while our Real Estate Agent has an Attorney they typically use, we would feel better about a referred Attorney here on BP and with a good reputation rather taking a chance on an unknown attorney for our first investment property.

We're also looking for referrals for good, local licensed contractors to have the home inspection done.  I'll submit a new thread for the contractor referral if this thread doesn't do the trick.

Thank you very much and have a great day folks!

@Mark Bookhagen , very much appreciated sir!  We'll look into reaching out to Maryalice later today.  We've received several referrals at this point and quite thankful for the super quick responses!

Thanks again and have a great day!