Best way to begin a real estate investing career

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Brian and my business partner and I are looking to begin our real estate investing career outside of our full time jobs. As you all know "real estate investing" is an extremely broad term. Between BRRR, flipping, wholesaling, buying multi family units, single family units, rentals and everything in between; we aren't exactly sure where to begin. We listen to the podcasts, we're constantly looking at the market and searching for deals. But with there being so many different ways to invest in real estate, we are struggling to figure out what the correct way to start is; if there even is one lol. We are currently looking to buy multifamily units to rent out but also see wholesaling as a great way to make some extra capital without a large upfront investment.

We have the money to begin investing but like I said, we are not sure what the correct starting point should be. I would love to hear from you guys on how you got your start and what you think is the best way to begin for a newbie. We have limited time outside of our full time jobs and want to make best use of our time. Instead of trying 9 different things, we feel we should become experts on one and grow from there. We just aren't sure what that one thing should be. Should we make an LLC and just start buying properties and rehabbing and renting them out or flipping? Should we wholesale and make some extra capital and grow a wholesaling business? What did you do?

Look forward to hearing from this great community.



If you have full time jobs that you plan on keeping, wholesaling would be hard to do..  Very time consuming.  My idea would be to buy some multifamily, self manage... but hire an employee who covers majority of the work load.   learn the ins and outs of PM and then build a smaller sized management company that focuses on similar assets to the ones that you own.  Eventually you buy them all and own an empire :)