Suggestions : investor friendly title insurance company in NJ

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Just wondering if anyone knows any INVESTOR friendly title companies in the New Jersey area preferably Southern New Jersey.

@Miltiana Holdip - in Mercer County I use Sterling Title in Hamilton. Generally a good strategy is to find several wholesalers and ask them who they use. Investor friendly to me means they help facilitate direct buyer (you) and seller (owner) purchases without agents or attorneys required and/or they don’t charge for a title search if the property under contract doesn’t close. A good title / settlement company will make sure all the transaction pieces are submitted / final utilities ordered so you can close on time.

Hi, I realize this is an old thread but if you are still looking for an Investor-Friendly Title Agency in NJ contact Investors First Title Agency. Prompt response time, excellent communication and hassle-freetransactions. Small, family owned organization and not a large corporate environment, they are able to provide personal attention throughout the process. Focused on quality, speed, and reliability to get your real estate transactions insured and closed successfully. They handle many complex and challenging deal structures otherwise not understood or mismanaged by other title companies in the industry. Experienced with Assignments of Contract, Assignments of Bid, LLC Sales and Double Closings. 24-48Hr turnaround for all searches including CHANCERY ABSTRACT!