School rates: what is acceptable and what to stay away from?

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Hello all! 

New to this. As I am searching online, I have some questions about school ratings. If school ratings are 4/10 (example), how to weight it against 8/10? Is 4 unacceptable while 8 is really great? Said differently, is the norm for schools to hover between 4-6 and 8 is exceptional? 


Depends on the site but the one I use, anything above 7 is considered really good, anything above three is okay, but there aren't really any to stay away from at least in my area.

The higher the better.  But just because it's in an area with only 4/10 doesn't mean a couple with no kids won't rent it or maybe they travel a little further to put the kids in a different school.  If the price is right for them and the area around it is decent it should stay rented.