Becoming A Real Estate Assistant in South Carolina

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Does anyone in SC know of a realtor who would allow me to become their asssistant until I become a licensed realtor myself (hopefully soon)? I would love to learn more about the realtor side, plus I can help generate new business for them as a wholesale investor;) Thank you for your time. 

Hi Crystal, I'm not sure, but I will ask a couple of my friends. I'm not sure what the laws are for mentoring in the Realtor Arena. Maybe a license realtor can respond to this.  Thanks 

Thank you kindly Jeffrey! I hope your friends say yes!!:)

Any licensee in my MLS area can only have 1 assistant w/ MLS access. However, that assistant must attend the MLS training course. Or at least, that's the requirement in the Charleston Trident Association of Realtors. They're in the process of making the MLS training online, so that will make it easier, but there are definitely rules depending on your MLS area and association of Realtors. @Crystal McDuffie You could send an email to your area's MLS organization and ask them what the rules are.

Columbia's MLS is similar to what @Troy Gandee shared about Charleston's. You could certainly be an assistant but our RE laws prohibit paying someone a kickback or referral fee who doesn't have a license. 

As an assistant you could certainly be paid a salary or hourly wage with incentives, but that's a question outside of what I'm currently doing.

If you're look for an admin position, I know of a REALTOR in the Columbia market was was looking for one. Send me a PM and we can talk some more. There are laws about what you can and cannot do without a license, but it happens often in our market especially in Keller Williams where the Agents are encouraged to build a business and the first hire should be an assistant. 

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