Hard Money Lender Interested in Mobile Home Park Investing

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Hey Bigger Pockets,

Today I was hanging out with one of our hard money lenders and told him about BiggerPockets. After I told him the gist of its networking abilities, he told me: "Sounds like Picking Pockets!!" Hahaha, but I digress.

This particular hard money lender is looking for mobile home parks to buy and other hard money lenders who might want to lend on mobile home park deals. Due to his animosity towards BiggerPockets, I immediately thought I would shout out to the forums to prove him wrong. If anyone has any ideas or thoughts about mobile home parks, or the thought that networking on BiggerPockets is the same as Picking Pockets! Comment below, would love to hear what people have to say. 

Keep the deals flowin,


@Robert Laird

Do you know what their parameters are for wanting to do HMLs for MHP's ? Are they looking for certain regions? Certain park sizes? Certain utilities?   Is this something they are currently doing or just talking about doing?