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Originally posted by @Chris Tracy :

Hi Fellow Investors!  I just signed-up for the wonderful world of Bigger Pockets and would like to introduce myself.

I'm looking to buy big apartment buildings and would like to talk to those with similar goals.

I look forward to speaking with you!


 Hi Chris,

I'm all in..... I started buying single homes and flipping them in the Riverside and Orange county area about 8 months ago.  I have bought 5 homes 4 are sold I made 150k plus and will continue to do that.  

My goal is to buy a 50 to 100 unit building, using the cash from my flipping business.  I know a person that will be successful doing this business needs a team, a strong team.  I have a great comtractor, and a very experienced lender.  Things like property managers, attorney's for evictions, account these type of service providers 

I would like to keep in touch with you and between the 2 of us help each other build our teams. Help each other examine the deals, I know my success has come fast and strong because I examined 100's of SFR's and never did anything. Then one day I just went for it and never have looked back. We need to do the same for muti unite buildings. Then when we are ready to buy and close escrow that's what will happen.

I read a great story on bigger pockets the other day about a investor in my city bought a 81 unit building for 3.1 million fixed it and rented it and sold it for 5.4 million this month or 3 years later.  I will look for it and send it to you if I can.  

Hope to here from you soon.

Hey Chris

Welcome to the BP family :-)



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You sound hungry, in other words motivated. I have just bought anothetr property , pulled out 30K within a month of small updates.Keep cost low so you profitl is high..Doesnt matter where your from, deals can happen by netoworking all over the world..Im hungry as well ..lets talk

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@Chris Tracy , I see you are a commercial broker specializing in large apt complexes.

Which markets do you specialize in?

Are you looking to buy this apt complex for yourself or offering your services to find a deal?

I am part of a group of investors looking for a 100-200 unit complex which we can improve.

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@Chris Tracy , welcome and wanted to reach out as I buy 100 to 400 unit deals.

I will tell you up front that jumping into big apartment deals can be a bit frustrating. 

I have covered how I got started in a thread How I quit my CPA Job to Buy Big Apartments also on BP Podcast 135.

I wanted to pass along the links as you might find a couple nuggets of info that you can apply to your own business on your journey to buying large apartments.

Good luck!!

preferably other states

@Percy N. PM me your criteria or SFR and if you are looking for apartment buildings send me your criteria as well.