Apartment investors in Dallas/Fort Worth

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Good morning all,

I am currently looking for investors with commercial multi family experience that are willing to partner up on an apartment deal with someone that has the capital to start, but needs the hands on experience. I would like to get my foot in the door on the commercial side of real estate to build a relationship with investors in the industry and gain experience within the industry.

I am excited and open to discuss any opportunity with all of you.

Thank you,


Hi Sam!  I can help you.  Do you have a property currently that we can analyze?

@Sam Wydner, I have many connections all over Texas (Our bank is in Fort Worth), feel free to PM me to discuss some possibilities. I can probably steer you in the right direction.


Looks like you are bringing capital and asking others to bring capital, who's the experienced partners in the deal?

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@Sam Wydner I'm from Fort Worth, and have experience in MF investing. I'm currently a partner in 7 deals and over 800 doors. I'd be happy to sit down and chat with you about my experiences. 

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