Long Beach City Council Passed RENT CONTROL April 2 Behind Doors

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There are tenant rights groups starting in Long Beach and then spreading RENT CONTROL gardena huntington, santa ana, seal beach, fountain valley etc. They want to bring more govenrment red tape on how housing providers and investors do business and want to create a tenant welfare system charging huge fees and price caps on rents.

If you're landlord or investor in Lon Beach please call the city council and get the word out.... the city council did a vote under the radar and behind closed doors. They passed Tenant Relocation Fees of $4400-$6500 capping rent raise at 9.9% so if you have an old unit that's getting only $700 you will only be able to raise it $63 even if you had to do a $20,000 upgrade you are capped. Or you'll have to give the tenant $6500 cash.

So it's rent control but the city council is calling it other names like tenant relocation assistance and tenant protection.

The Tenant groups are claiming that this is just the 'foot in the door' for full blown rent control on houses apartments and condos. The tenant groups like the Democratic Socialists and Tenant Union groups are trying to come after your retirement and investments!

So this just in LONG BEACH CITY is trying to pass a

sugar coated RENT CONTROL where landlords are capped at 9.9% rent increases OR they have to pay $4500-$6500 in Tenant welfare.

They tried to do this under the radar and just pass rent

Call city council

Please immediately call and email Mayor Garcia and all council members and tell them to oppose all forms of rentcontrol aka “tenant protections” and please ask them to stop the attack on small housing providers and renters in Long Beach.

333 West Ocean Blvd, 14th Floor
Long Beach, California 90802

1st District-CouncilwomanLena Gonzalez
Emai SEE LONG BEACH . GOV website
5th District-CouncilwomanStacey mongo
6th District-CouncilmanDee Andrews
7th District-CouncilmanRoberto Uranga
8th District-CouncilmanAl Austin
9th District-CouncilmanRex Richardson
Email: SEE ONLINE BP won't let me post contacts

Crazy they want to charge landlords during tenant move outs $4500-$6500 and are capping rent raises at 9.9%

There are no city protections for small landlords or housing providers. The ones who pay property taxes and hire local workers and stimulate the local economy.

Tand the South Bay that don't make it difficult to provide housing.

This sort of tenant relocation out of the pockets of small business owners (housing providers) will affect the entire market and Long Beach economy... mainly negatively.


Updated about 2 years ago

RENT CONTROL BILL Passed April 2 2019 It's a sugar coated bill that requires landlords to give $4500-$6500 to Tenants for moving out with a 90 day notice 90 Day notice where the tenant will likely trash the building and do $15k in repairs Now we have another $4500-$6500 to pay the tenant Also theres a cap at 10% a year even if your rents are only $500 you can only raise your rent to $550 for 1 br, 2 br 3 br unit Starting at 4 units and soon will be duplexes and triplexes This is the foot in the door and it will soon involve SFRs and condos

Well yeah some could say that but there's opportunities still sometimes rent control makes housing more expensive so it depends it just makes things harder for you to do work and takes the control from home owners and puts it into the local city council

Rent control also sometimes helps developers because the % go up on ROI since it's harder for business so the city council woman Lena Gonzales is married to a big developer and he is benefiting from her rent controls which negatively impact small investors

lena gonzalez is running for state senator as well so this will get her some votes in the short term

Rent Control is all about votes then the city gets screwed especially home owners and neighborhoods get blight

Rex Richardson passed this rent regulation Rent Control

Rex Richardson quoted as saying "The government should only regulate [rent] rates when it owns or subsidizes the property." Rex Richardson

Rex Richardson the one who pushed this bill which regulates rent increases above 10% to allow tenant to get paid $4500-$6500 from the landlord.

We don’t believe that rent control works, or is the right solution. Just look at rent controlled cities like San Francisco, the most expensive market in the country.



Contact the city council and ask why they changed their minds without having it go to a public vote.

The city council tried to sugar coat it so they could get more short term votes knowing it's bad for the local economy and bad for communities in the long run.

Give proper notice and go up <= 10% every year (if it's inline with the market).

As long as you give them 90 day notice that you're A) kicking them out or B) raising their rents you're good, right?  No relocation handout is due.

Originally posted by @Justin Fox :

Give proper notice and go up <= 10% every year (if it's inline with the market).

As long as you give them 90 day notice that you're A) kicking them out or B) raising their rents you're good, right?  No relocation handout is due.


Sounds simple right?

Wrong they have you register things with city and go on lists.  There's red tape

It's more about the issues with it 

Also the 90 day notice you have to give and also give the $4k payout if you ask the tenant to leave.

These little red tape things snowball into making it apain in the butt to do business in a city so many just say froget it and don't fix up their properties.  So then you see all this run down houses and apartments trashed on every block.  That's how rent control really works