How to build buyers list for aparments and hotels

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I have been attempting to wholesale for the last year. One of the people I have networked with has a lot of off-market apartments/hotel/MHPs that are $millions+. He asked me to help him find buyers for these properties. The buyers list I have built so far only has people that invest in SFH and small multifamilies.

Is there a different strategy to find the big buyers who would be interested in deals like this?

I think the biggest hump is going to be showing that you're credible and actually have larger properties under contract. Facebook Commercial Real Estate groups for example are filled with people trying to daisy chain properties that are being marketed by actual brokers, adding no value but attempting to get 1% on $20MM deals. 

@Mike Sola , I agree with Taylor.  I have received calls and emails (thankfully not daily) from wholesalers and "brokers" trying to either buy properties and "have buyers lined up" or are sending my CBRE packages with the CBRE logo covered up.  Without a reputation and listing agreement in hand, you will not be taken seriously.

bigger pockets is a great place to find people interested in a deal (by networking). Just look for people who are buying apartments in the markets you're in, and reach out to them directly.