Does anyone know of Vacation Rental For Sale sites?

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We are building in San Clemente, CA, and other coastal areas of Orange County, CA. Some of these properties would be great for vacation rental properties. I advertise on Marketplace, etc. 

QUESTION:  Do you know of any sites specifically for the sale of Vacation Rental Properties? 

Someone has purchased the domain, Vacation Rentals For Sale, but it's not up and running yet, and I don't see any others! 

@Karen Margrave I have seen vrbos on loopnet. I can also post it up as vrbo example on my site. Good luck!

@Matt R.  The problem is, it's not an up and running VR business. However; I think because of the location, Close to the beach, new outlets, restaurants, Metrolink/Amtrak stations, and a high walk score, etc. it would make a great luxury VR. 

We are also developing the condos which are just a block away from the steps down to the beach, therefore; I would like to find some good sites for listing such properties, but so far, can't find any! 

@Karen Margrave Right on. I see just land with plans in coastal areas on loopnet.

Hi Karen please inbox me  I belueve i can help you.

Thank you


I Actually have buyers looking for vacation rentals as well as i also list vacation rentals and send out marketing emails to my clients.. please send me more info on tjis property.. 

Thanks Again


Perhaps we should consider starting a website/business? Just sayin...

@Karen Margrave, I bet you would do fine here & the marketplace!

@Kelly B.  Actually I advertise the San Clemente house listing on Marketplace, but so far have never received any response. I'm looking more for a place specifically geared toward sales of Vacation Rental Properties. 

@Patrick V.  Believe me, I have considered it, but it's definitely not in my wheelhouse! 

Originally posted by @Karen Margrave :

QUESTION:  Do you know of any sites specifically for the sale of Vacation Rental Properties? 

There are sites for lake property, although not quite what you want. has 1000+ properties in NC and NY... not as much in CA


A couple domains that are available:


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