AirBnb in Houston - Condos/Townhomes

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Hello! I'm looking to purchase a condo/townhome in Houston that I intend to use for STR on AirBnb. The first realtor that I spoke with said most properties that she's come across do not allow STR per the condo association rules. Is there any truth to this? I know there's hundreds of condos/townhomes on AirBnb in Houston so either this realtor doesn't have much knowledge on STR or most of these people are going against the rules of their association. Any feedback is much appreciated!

I would think this is absolutely true. Having an STR in an HOA neighborhood or condo association with mainly owner occupants is asking for trouble.

Probably true.

Did you know that (formerly SmartBnB) has a feature called "stealth mode" where it will hide your listing during normal government business hours?  It will display your listing in the evenings when most bookings are made and the city planning division isn't snooping.  Now you know!