Dear Bigger Pockets & Nick Johnson(Motiv8td)

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I hope the subject title got most of your attention, and I especially hope Nick Johnson does read this post. My name is Fadie Hany Areny, as you all remember my old user name was ArenyInvestments and I had screwed up big time with Nick Johnson and the Bigger Pockets community by telling lies rather than the truth.

There are no excuses for the behavior I did earlier this year, but in my journey I have found that keeping bridges up is a lot better than burning them down completely. So with that being said I would like the whole world to see my formal apology to the Bigger Pockets community and most importantly Nick Johnson for my unprofessional behaviors in business. I can assure you that since our verbal altercation in the forum that I have stepped back and analyzed the way I handled the situation and the way everything played out and have realized that not only did Nick Johnson have every right to say what he said, but he also had the right to let everyone know what was going on. For everyone who has no clue what I am talking about I am sure you can find it on this forum, but what happened was that I was asked by my Uncle to sell his properties that he had in Arizona which were not owned by me at all. So what I went ahead and did was go ahead and post about the properties as if they were owned by me, the first mistake. Then I proceeded with very little information on the actual properties and posted false information that the properties were in fact positive cash flow properties when in reality the cash flow was negative from every property, my second mistake. Now I take full responsibility for my actions 100% which is why I am apologizing.

At the time I was 19 years young and very ambitious in making money, I saw an opportunity to sell the properties and well I went at it in a completely wrong way. I really hope everyone can see the honesty in my words and give me another chance. Considering it was back when I was only a little boy, and now I am a man who has grown a lot since the incident. I am only asking for a chance to be a part of the community and maybe a fresh start with Mr. Nick Johnson if he pleases. Other than that I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to read my posting and well we will see what happens from it. I really hope this can be a new start for me, I really want to be the most professional business man in many industries especially real estate. I am up for any mentorship, any tips, and teachings, any knowledge and wisdom in general. Feel free to call, comment, or message me about anything. Thank you for your time, and may God bless success on all of you along with Peace.Love.Happiness. forever in your lifetime.

P.S. - I have actually completed my first deal which I am very proud of, but I am looking to get in with anyone as of right now who is making money in this economy and who can teach me how to take over this business. I'm only 20 years young, just starting my journey of life. =)

Water under the bridge my friend.

You're a bigger man for stepping up like this! I have a lot of respect for you for doing that.

Welcome back! I'm glad we're getting a second chance at friendship. But you still can't have my Bud Light LOL!!!!!

LMAO it's all good about the Bud Light I actually stay sober, I'm still only 20! I see things have been going good for you Nick, continue to stay blessed. I plan on visiting Phoenix, Arizona sometime soon to get out of this cold winter weather in Detroit Metro that's coming up in time as well as to make some real money up there. I hear Phoenix is one of the places to be, keep in touch we can do a lot together.

It takes a real man to admit he made a mistake especially a mistake of the magnitude you made so props to you for apologizing on a public forum such as this.

But in order to earn trust around here you have to prove it to us that you can be trusted so you have a long road ahead of you and a lot of work but being active here on BP,helping others out and in turn stay within the realm of honesty and that trust will be handed back to you with open arms.

Thank you for all the respect everyone, and yeah I know I am going to have a long road ahead of me for gaining the trust from everyone, but then again I have to do that anyways since I am young and that's the only RIGHT way to grow any business. I'm going to get a lot more active on these forums, but I have been real busy lately so my time on here is limited unfortunately. So I can't spend as much time as I want on here, but nonetheless I will still be a very active part of this community! Thank you once again to everyone, and may God continue to bless you all with the Peace.Love.&Happiness. along with freedom and prosperity!