Flipping 2-4 Units Multi's to Investors

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I am looking to rehab 2-4 unit multi-families around Chicago. I would be flipping them to investors. The problem is most investors for these types of properties are out of state and if I use the MLS would I have trouble finding buyers?

If not the MLS anyone have advice on how I could find end buyers? Are there agents out there who can set you up with investors on the national level?



@Neil S. - Depends on the area. I know more than a few investors looking to buy rehabbed on the North Side so they can get a OO FHA loan. The South Side already has some TK players who are moving inventory but not as fast as you would think


I would say Bigger Pockets would be a great place to find buyers.. I am looking for a 2-4 unit in Chicagoland area myself as a first investment and would be interested in seeing what kind of flips you're doing. 

I will be interested too for any 2-4 units in B areas.

As @Polina Goncharova suggested, you can get your buyer right here!

Got to all the local REIA's in the area and make connections. Start a website. Market on Craigslist.

BP is what you need. Also market it to the local REIA's; and of course market it on the on-line platforms.

We flipped a turnkey 3-flat in Bronzeville to an investor from California, but my broker found them through his network of brokers that deal with investors...  so I guess my advice would be to get a good listing agent in addition to the above  ;)

Thank you everyone! Some very helpful feedback.

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