Looking for contacts to start my team in the Baltimore, Maryland area.

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Hi All,   

I have been reading an awful lot of threads, books and listening to podcasts recently.  The book I'm reading now is J. Scott's book on flipping houses.  He does a fantastic job describing the step by step process to success.  I am at the point now where I am trying to assemble my team.  I am trying to keep the pace moving forward... So in typical newbie fashion, I would ask that if you know of any great realtors, contractors, lawyers, title companies, etc. who are intimately familiar working with investors in the greater Baltimore area, please pass either my contact information on to them or theirs to me.  My number is 443.536.7930 or I can be reached at [email protected] or through BP messenger. 


You should go network at the Baltimore REIA club. Go seek out Bill Fell who is the president of the club. He can help you out!! He is surely someone you would want on your team, plus you should be involved there anyways.

@Curt Davis  , Thanks for the input.  I was planning on going to the December meeting to start networking. I will certainly take your advice and find Bill.  Thanks again!

Wesley, welcome to BP! This site is awesome. The Bmore REIA is good. there are several in the area you can Google (MAREIA is another). Several meetups as well, the Real Deal and Baltimore Washington Meetups have tons of local investors that attend. I am a fan of the Baltimore Washington Meetup; while not sponsored by BP there are quite a few BP members that attend and actively invest in the area. I am a Realtor in MD. Good luck to you!


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