Beginner in Fresno looking to flip houses

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Hey how's it going guys. I just briefly wanted to introduce myself. My name is Gurkaran Singh. I am a 21 year old college student attending Fresno State University. I just got my real estate license about 4-5 weeks ago and I have very basic knowledge about real estate selling, investing, flipping, etc. I've been listening to the podcasts and they've been a huge help for me in terms of getting a little bit of information. I'm sort of looking to make some connections and network with people around Fresno, CA. I wanted to get into house flipping for quite some time now and I think it's about time I start. Are there any flippers in the Fresno area that are willing to meet up and talk?

Hi Gurkaran! My Name's Fritz, (Or Frederick). I'm in a somewhat similar boat. I'm 21, born and raised in Fresno, and very interested in getting into Real Estate Investing. I'm not an expert on flipping by any means but I'd be open to getting lunch sometime and talking shop if you're interested. The way I see it, building connections is rarely a bad thing. Message me on here if you're interested.

Hey @Gurkaran Singh and @Frederick Johnson would love to get together as well. I’m not a flipper but am a MFH investor and RE agent in Fresno. Happy to help in any way I can or just network with you guys.

Reach out and call me. I have a Rolodex of information to share. I started buying and holding in 2008. Not much scares me anymore.


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