Has anyone tried relocating houses for rental/selling

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I have an opportunity to buy houses that need to be moved because of road construction. The properties will 2-3 bedroom and 1-2 bath. The houses would be sold to me and I would have them moved and relocated near by with property I purchase. Looking to rent some and sell some. Please let me know if you guys have done any of this. Let me know if this a good way for rental income or selling. I know I would be in a smaller market for home buyers. But rental may be a different story. I can buy the properties 2k-4k per.



The moving and set up costs, assuming they are built in such a way that they Are movable are generally Much more than you’d think, and along with the lot purchase/site work costs, it rarely makes sense.

@Jeff Callicutt yes I have done many of these for people. You should not need to pay for them. You should be able to get them for free since you are moving them and saving the demo cost.

I have given many homes away to people this way and also moved a bunch for others as well.

Set up costs can be $30-$100k depending on size, location, site work and type of foundation. Moving cost $10k and up

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I know someone who did this twice.  Find out what all of the costs will be as they do add up.  Still both times the person came out ahead.  The second time was 2 years ago and this one she took advantage of how the basement was designed (ground floor entry) and added a legal basement suite.  She lives in the basement (ground floor) and rents the upstairs.  

I have moved a couple of houses and this would be my advice, when someone gives you a number for a cost involved in the move or reconstruction, 

I would double it.  If it still looks like a good deal then go for it.

Don't forget to leave room for the county inspectors, they seem to like to change their mind after you are past the point of no return on on your project.