Anyone Bidding on PG County MD tax sales next Week?

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Wondering if anyone is registered and going to bid at the Prince George's county tax sale in Maryland Next Week?  I just missed the bidder registration cut off and wanted to bid on 1 property that is going.  Please let me know if you are anyone you know is registrated to bid.   If someone is registered and can bid on this 1 property for me I'll cover their $150 non refundable registration fee and post the money for the back taxes on the property I'm bidding on .. So, it's a win/win for us both.



@Ray Slack yes I was registered and would have been happy to put in a bid but I am just seeing this now. Don't worry, you didn't miss anything. The bids were silly high. The interest rate was bid down to about 4.5%, which in most cases means losing money if you have to foreclose. 

 Thanks for the reply.. I guess I should have tried to track you down since you seemed to be the expert.. : (  It was actually a vacant lot next to one that I had tried to buy a year ago and figured it had a good chance of not being redeemed.  At least, it would have been worth the $2k in taxes and the $2k-$4k high bid premium being tied up for 6 months on the chance they didn't.  

Is there a way to find out how bought the Properties tax certificate in P.G. county after the sale?  I know you can assign them and maybe I can "buy out" the person that purchased it.


@Ned Carey

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