Owner wants to payoff seller-financed comm prop and...

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I am a Realtor and represented the seller on a commercial property about 5 years ago. The seller offered seller financing of about $500K and now the owner wants to re-fi and give my client a lump sum.  My client offered financing in order to receive a regular monthly income in his retirement but this seems to have thrown a wrench in the gears. He's now worried about getting taxed in one lump sum.

Is there any way that my client can continue to receive the same monthly income without getting taxed in one lump?

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The seller could adjust the terms of the note to reflect the refi terms. It may be more advantageous than the tax consequences. If done, hopefully he can negotiate a prepayment penalty so it doesn't happen again, at least so soon.

@Roger Grubb  Of the 500k how much was profit/taxable?  It would be fairly easy to redeploy capital into a new loan but I think the big nut here is the capital gains tax.  

Your seller might look into a substitution of collateral if the buyer has other property(s) he would consider leveraging.

The question for the buyer is how much are they saving on the new rate?  Is it cash out or straight refi?  I doubt your seller would want to put cash into the deal if it is a cash out.