Court throws out pocket listing lawsuit against NAR and MLS

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Its hard to tell how serious I should take this article when it is referring to what I think is supposed to be "lawsuit" as "swimsuit."

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Big development in the fight against the "cartel". Would love to hear everyone's opinion on this ruling.

I thought this was the swimsuit against basically forcing the sellers that list (supposedly negotiable) to compensate any 'cooperating' buyers' representation/agent/brokerage. 

Cooperating LOL   Yeah, cooperating against you as the seller. 

We all love paying for the privilege of having someone negotiate against us, but I don't think this swimsuit holds water😎


[from media article] "... discovering that the plaintiff’s arguments are so flawed that the case can’t be saved. ..."

Law firm spinning it's wheels in the mud for fees maybe? (Lawyer needs a new Mercedes and business was slow maybe?)

Lawyer incompetence maybe?

No real grounds for case maybe?

Who knows???

From that media statement (if it's even true) , maybe another law firm should take a look at it.....

Just my 2 cents.