How do I organize a county Tax Deliquent List?

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I am new to real estate and I want to market to motivated sellers so I called the county clerks office and asked them to email me a list of tax delinquents names/addresses. They emailed me 130 page document of names and businesses mixed in. But no addresses. Some having more than one name on the lien. I plan to use a skip tracing sIte like TLO to reach the homeowners. But firstI have to organize the list. My question is; for someone who is not a master at excel, is there an easier and more effective way to organize my list of jumbled up names and businesses? Perhaps a third party company or software? Any feedback is appreciated!

Hello Claudiany.

I'm also new to real estate here in the US as I'm french. I'm also very interested in starting in the nich of the deliquent property taxes. I do not know where are you located but I live in Miami, FL.

I do know very well how to use data on excel spreadsheet. If I can help you. I will. 

@Claudiany Nogueira and @Philippe Monin I see these are  your first posts. Welcome to BP.

The first step is to figure what properties they represent. My guess is they are using property tax identifier number. You need to find a way to get the addresses for those numbers.  I would ask at the place you got the list. 

You state may  have owner information on line. Go to the state website and look them up. Or pay someone to do it for you.

To get addresses if you have permanent property ID number is easy: go to your county auditor site and type in the number. You'll see the name of the owner, address and whole nine yards .....but you understand that there might be tax lien certificates, so if you make a deal with the owner, factor these in: they attached to the property and are first in line to get their money.

If you go to Sheriff sale of your county and see tax sales, you'll notice that amounts are small but if tax debt is higher than the sale amount, you'll have to pay the difference

@Ned Carey Hi Have follow up questions if you don’t mind. I just got lists of tax deliquents and wanting to wholesale it but it stated that it is owned involuntary by county by default and they have instructions about purchasing these properties by bidding. Is that how it should work or we can look up the owner and do direct mailing or just simply send letter or call to make an offer? I would greatly appreciate the help! Thank you! Janice

@Janice Delantes more information is needed and it would depend on the state. It doesn't sound like MD so I cant' give you specifics. We do have tax lien and deed experts here from many different states. 

From this wording

it is owned involuntary by county by default and they have instructions about purchasing these properties by bidding

I suspect it means that the county is selling a tax deed. These are normally sold at auctions. However it sounds like it could be a case of they had an auction with no bidder so the deed remains with the county and is available "over the counter" or post sale deed. 

if I am correct the owner has already lost the property. However some states have a right of redemption and the owner may have a right to redeem the tax deed and get their property back. In this latter case you  may be able to work through the owner. In the former case buy from the county. 

Tax sale law is quite complex and varies greatly from state to state and even county to county in some areas.