Any Insurance company recommendations for rental in Indianapolis?

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Hey if you're investing in buy and hold I think you'd be hard pressed to beat these folks: Their REI guard product is great. They are responsive too with any questions although luckily I've never had a claim so I can't vouch for that. They are national too which is nice if you're going to dip your toe into other markets as well. I have both of my SFH's in Indy with them so they def. cover the market. Also they will specifically cover rehabs and other holding periods and then transition to regular insurance when its occupied so its perfect for the BRRRR method.

@adam sankowski I manage 375- 450 houses. In past 7 years have had 2 claims with NREIG and had horrible experiences with both claims. On 1 in middle of winter we had a gutter and soffit fall down in front of the doorway and they initially refused to pay because we moved it out of way (we took photos) and they said the Adjuster would not be able to see it to verify.  Being winter with heavy snowfall and I am sure lots of claims he arrived over 2 weeks later. The other was when a car (uninsured) ran into a house and we had to fight tooth an nail to get the claim paid. Process took several weeks. 

I cringe when my clients  have insurance  with them.  They are cheap for a reason. SMH

@Chandler Harker did you get the insurances quotes and by your research are they good price wise and to deal with? Closing this week on my first in Indy. Thanks

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